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Dedicated to making things happen in the regions ... 

Brendon Grylls Group is the new business venture of former politician and architect of the Royalties for Regions policy, Brendon Grylls.


Combining his love of the northwest, his passion for regional development, experience with major projects and 16 years at the coalface of every decision that affected the regions, Brendon brings a unique perspective to business development, strategy, advocacy and project delivery.


Brendon now works with a diverse range of businesses in agribusiness, resources, indigenous corporations, aviation and tourism who have harnessed his one of a kind skillset, profile and innovation to achieve growth and development for their own business, brand or project.


His career has put him in the room with nearly every organisation in the regions, he has a personal relationship with so many forged over years of advocacy and he is now driven to harness those relationships to continue to build and develop the regions and assist his clients in the communities they operate in.


Brendon looks forward to adding value to any project or proposal that would benefit from his unparalleled reach to all levels of community, business and government.



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