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With a background specialising in strong leadership, change advocacy, innovation and a desire to seek and deliver a range of solutions to business goals, Brendon Grylls Group offers both industry and community opportunities to discuss ways to improve the economic, social, cultural and environmental opportunities in the region, from concept to completion.


In public and private sectors, we offer support services in advocacy, business consultancy, project management, community engagement, communications, marketing and media management, business case analysis, funding access and strategic planning and integration.


From conception of grassroots ideas and community activation to the facilitation of a billion dollar partnership between local language groups, government and multinational corporations in the north-west, we have always sought to bring more to the table than just incremental change.



Forward planning for a business is much like forward planning for the state. It takes negotiation and commitment to drive results.

BGG offers a unique perspective to strategic planning. With experience in agriculture, small business ownership, politics, funding negotiation and budget management and repair, BGG offers rare insight into business strategy and operations.


We can assist with governance, planning, stakeholder management, development, and execution, pending the requirements of your business. 


As residents and long-term activists for regional Western Australia, we place significant emphasis on community engagement. It is imperative for all voices to be heard.


BGG has extensive experience in assisting government, industry, and business to form a holistic approach to community engagement, by making sure the engagement process is open, accessible and thorough. This can involve many aspects of planning, negotiation, communications, and evaluation.


BGG can assist businesses to engage with their communities by offering meeting facilitation, dispute resolution, and negotiation, event management, Traditional Owner consultation and communication strategies. 


Over many years, Brendon has invested heavily in fostering relationships with Traditional Owners. This relationship has ensured that all advocacy efforts have been created in close consultation with all Traditional Owner groups and the primacy of their ideas and thoughts.


As a facilitator and consultant, my team can bring a depth of experience, ideas, and concepts to the table. We can bring together the skills, traditions, and concerns of the Traditional Owners, in collaboration with a change agent who has unique insights into business and Government to form an innovative, collaborative and culturally appropriate solution.


After being subject to media scrutiny for the last decade or so, Brendon is an advocate of a comprehensive and transparent communication strategy. Traditional forms of media remain an integral part of any strategy, there is benefit found in all types of media. Press releases, newspaper advertisements, radio and tv are all useful, the best return for traffic generation is a comprehensive SEO. 


It is our belief that in the age of internet and 24 hour access to any brand, it is a company's social media strategy that is the lynchpin of any marketing campaign. 


Social media is the new 'word of mouth', with a technological upgrade and flawless filter makeover.


It can drive customer engagement for a relatively minimal outlay. With over 70% of Australia having access to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, that gives any business an audience of over 20 million that can be readily accessible by the marketing community. 


The constantly evolving platforms can be overwhelming and time consuming, which is why BGG can assist in navigating your way through a variety of social media platforms. If you don't dabble in social media because its fickle nature to learn the language, then don't worry, at BGG we are fluent in 'tweet', 'pin', 'post', 'filter' and Instastory'. We can develop a strategy to suit your requirements. 

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