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Brendon Grylls 

Following 10 years in agri-business and 16 years in public office, Brendon has built strong relationships and networks at all levels of business and government, locally, nationally and internationally.


From brokering deals with heavy hitting political and industrial leaders, to being an active participant in his kids soccer and BMX clubs, the strength in those networks continues to grow. 


Most notably, as the Minister for Regional Development, Brendon created and implemented the $7 billion dollar regional investment policy 'Royalties for Regions' including concept development, campaign strategy, alliance government negotiation, drafting and delivery of parliamentary legislation, and oversight of all of the projects and services delivered by the policy.


Brendon has also delivered six State Government budgets as a senior member of the Economic Expenditure Review Committee which designed and delivered the Western Australian State budget.


He is a passionate advocate of regional development and major project development, as well as ensuring that indigenous traditional owners can share and participate in the growth of the state.


During his tenure as Minister, several major agricultural expansion projects were implemented including Ord Stage 2 and Water for Food. In addition, Regional Events Funding pioneered new events like Gourmet Escape in the South West, as well as many new projects and services across the regions.


With the knowledge Brendon has gained over his time representing this region, he continues to be very excited about the future of the North West, which is why he began this new venture in the Pilbara. 


Brendon is an active member of the Karratha and Pilbara community where he lives with his family.


The Support Crew

Over the last decade, Brendon have partnered with many professionals on a variety of projects. For this new venture, Brendon has sourced those who have a skill set that would benefit Brendon Grylls Group, those who are experts in their field.


Pending project and consultation requirements, we have specialists on board to offer their expertise in strategic planning, advocacy, community activation, project management, community development, business case analysis, options papers, executive support, social media management, communications, public relations and marketing.

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